Surgical Center

The state of the art surgical center houses 4 operation theatres & 2 preparatory rooms. The purpose built operation theatre is fully equipped with a heated V-top hydraulic surgery table, a shadowless precise positioning surgical light, a high performance operating microscope, Vms Plus anesthesia machine with dual vaporizer and multi capabilities and supported by an electronically controlled time cycled, pressure limited anesthesia ventilator and six different sizes animal face mask set, a multi-parameter veterinary monitor (ECG/Spo2/NIBP/Resp/Temp), a defibrillator, a electro-surgery set, an oxygen & scavenger system, and a climate controlled device complete the setup.

The Surgical Center also has a complete range of orthopaedic equipment to undertake any orthopaedic procedure from fracture reduction to cruciate repair and neurosurgery. Digital radiography is available on-site for pre- and post- surgical radiographs.

For soft tissue surgeries, the Surgical Center per-forms:

  • ear surgery like ear canal resection (lateral/vertical); piNNa surgery caural haematoma, mass removal
  • skin reconstructive surgery where large wounds or burns are closed with reconstructive techniques like pedical flaps & skin grafting, other skin surgery includes removal of skin folds, especially on face.
  • stomach + intestinal surgery include removal of foreign body, resection of cancer (neoplasia), biopsy to check for disease, removal of obstruction like intussusception
  • liver + spleen surgery including liver biopsies & splenectomy
  • urinary tract surgery including bladder stone removal, bladder wall biopsy, kidney removal
  • reproductive tract surgery including: pyometra removal, prostatic cyst removal, surgical treatment for prostatic abscess, surgical treatment for urethral prolapse, removal of penis cancer (neoplasia)
  • anus + rectum surgery including anal sac removal, rectal prolapse surgery, surgery for faecal incontinence
  • oral surgery like removal of cancer (mass) on tongue, gums, lips, soft palate resection, surgical closure of cleft palate & closure of oro-nasal fistula
  • respiratory surgery like correction of stenotic nares & nasal tumours. Also thoracic surgery like diaphragmatic hernia repair
  • other hernia repairs include inguinal & perineal – all with or without use of surgical mesh

During surgery, all patients are placed on Gaymar T/pump therapeutic heating pads to maintain optimal body temperature throughout the surgical procedure and an automated ventilator helps assist breathing in critical patients. A dedicated anaesthesia nurse will monitor each patient from the pre-anaesthetic preparations, and throughout the surgical procedure, until the post-surgery stage. Each patient will have a nurse by its side until completely recovered from anaesthesia. Parameters such as heart rate, respiration rate and oxygen saturation are monitored every 5 minutes and recorded into each patient’s anaesthetic chart. Other parameters such as body temperature, ECG and blood pressure are measured regularly to ensure the safety of each patient throughout the surgical procedure.


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