Corporate Values

At the hospital, we value & honour lives. We save lives and promote longevity through good healthcare & educational programs. We don’t take away what God has given & intended.

The vet told us Bobo has about 3 more days to live. I brought her back to die at home. I believed that was her wish. Over the days, Bobo was brought out to lie at her favorite spots in the garden. She would look at the flowers, the birds, the butterflies, the bees the goldfishes, and watch her friends, nieces & nephews (dogs, cats, puppies & kittens) play. Once in a while she would stand up; wobble towards them, crouch and join them in spirit! They would usually after play, snuggle up to her to nap. I did likewise for her in the house. She died 3 ¼ month later instead of in 3 days. She lived her life happy and to the fullest. At the time before she died, she painstakingly stood up, wobbled towards me, and lied next to me. She then look at me; her eyes soft with love; wagged her little tail and she was gone. I knew she just wanted to say, “Grandpa, thank you, take care, and bye-bye!” Bobo knew she lives in my heart.


We don’t put old pets to sleep.

We don’t put disabled pets to sleep.

We don’t abort.

We don’t de-bark.

We don’t de-claw.

We don’t de-tail.