Kittens Kindergarten

Kitten classes help pet parents to raise a friendly and social cat. These classes are designed to help prevent future behavioural problems by starting the training when cats are young, and provide pet parents with information on all aspects of raising a kitten. This is what our course entails:

  • Socialisation: every class will start with an opportunity for kittens to explore and play with other kittens
  • Behaviour and Training: Discover cat behaviour, and how you can use rewards to train your kitten to sit, come when called, “Give Five” (put one paw up), “Give Ten” (both paws up), etc. And, how to stop undesirable behaviours.
  • Healthcare: Learn about parasite prevention, dental care, signs of illness, vaccinations, sterilisation.
  • Enrichment: Find out how to enrich your kitten’s environment to prevent boredom and how to make your home “kitten proof”.
  • Grooming: Practice correct kitten holding and handling methods, and how to do basic grooming like brushing teeth, brushing fur, baths, nail clipping, ear cleaning, etc.