Like children, we want our pets to grow up healthy, happy and free of illness. Thus, it is important that kittens have proper vaccinations, healthcare and socialization to ensure they have a bright future. Included in our Optimal plans are kitten kindergarten to provide you with an excellent platform to build a wonderful bond with your pet. Classes aim to provide training, nutrition and grooming advice while your pet learns to socialize at an early age.KITTEN OPTIMA HEALTHCARE PLAN ($799)

Our OPTIMA Healthcare Plan for kittens is a 1-year membership that includes:

  • Comprehensive health check for when you bring your kitten home
  • All kitten vaccinations required during the first year of membership
  • Check for intestinal worms
  • Check for feline leukemia and feline aids virus
  • Complete de-worming program including heartworm
  • Complete eye examination to check for genetic abnormalities
  • Up to 4 medical baths
  • Kitten Kindergarten over 3 weeks to discuss every aspect of training and caring for your kitten
  • Microchipping
  • 12% discount for all visits during that year of membership