Vet Nurses

Now hiring

Primarily we seek human beings with superior interpersonal skills, above average communication abilities, the capacity to empathize, and the willingness to improve their knowledge and increase their skill level so that they will be able to offer a high level of care for a sick animal. Above all, those who seek this position must be animal lovers.

Job Responsibilities include:
  • administering drugs, anaesthetics and injections
  • preparing pets for surgery
  • holding and monitoring pets during operations
  • preperatory work such as maintaining, sterilising and laying out surgical equipment prior to surgery
  • cleaning up after surgery
  • undertaking diagnostic tests
  • preparing and sending off samples to refernce laboratories
  • taking x-rays and CT Scan
  • caring for, exercising and grooming hospital care patients.
  • giving advice to owners about caring for and breeding animals
  • keeping records and online entry of Veterinary Practice Management Software
  • writing and filing reports.
  • acting as receptionist / Cashier / Pharmacist
If you are interested in joining our team, please email your CV
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