Cardiology Center

The center has excellent diagnostic capability. Equipped with 16 slice Computerized Tomographic Scanner with Advanced Cardiac Package. The package includes all necessary hardware & software to enable cardiac acquisition and cardiac post processing on an Advantage Work station 4.2 system (or greater), including the following:

  • CardiQ Snapshot imaging software for LightSpeed VCT operator’s console, which provides both prospective and retrospective cardiac gating acquisition capabilities
  • Cardiac & respiratory gating hardware interfaces

IVY 3150 ECG monitor for cardiac acquisition 0.35 sec gantry rotation for cardiac acquisition, which also includes 0.375 sec VariSpeed
ECG trace on operator’s console provides ECG readout for improved productivity and ease of use

Cardiac enhancement filters for noise & dose reduction

CardiQ Pro software package for AW4.2 or greater provides a variety of different processing tools to choose from to perform analysis and measurements, including:

  • Single seed coronary vessel tree
  • 3D VR heart & bypass groft
  • Cardiac reformat
  • Short & long axis reformat
  • One-touch cath views for reformat and VR Phase registration
  • 3D ejection fraction/stroke volume PlaqlD
  • 3D angiographic view
  • Transparency view
  • Patient report function capability
  • Multi-phase data for more accurate analysis of the heart and coronary arteries to include beating capabilities

SmartScore Pro software for AW4.2 or greater provides coronary artery calcification software (CAAS) program for evaluation of calcifications in coronary arteries. Reads images from either prospective or retrospective gated acquisitions.

The center is further backed by an Veterinary an aesthetic ventilator, a defibrillator and an ECG & Blood Pressure monitor.