Wards & ICUs

The design concept and facilities of the wards & ICUs are based on medical requirements, physiological-behavioural needs of animals and high expectations of animals if they could think like human.

Wards & ICUs management is based on an advanced computerized patient Healthcare Management System. The system ensures high medical standard, provides total integrated medical care, and facilitate recovery. The system is complete with a 24-hour care system by dedicated veterinarians & nurses.

The wards & ICUs are equipped with state of the art technology. It is equipped with Therapy cages, continuous flow nebulizer, thermometer, hygrometer, conductive temperature therapy sets, T/pump Maxi-Therm Vet Heat Pads, Vet/IV Infusion pumps, Vet Syringe pumps, Bioptron light therapy systems, ultra violet aircons & germicide air purifiers.

Therapy cages allows therapies; namely- Oxygen, oxygen with moisture, oxygen with moisture and medication, compressed air with moisture and compressed air with moisture and medication.